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My name is Monika Stábová (born in Bratislava in 1980) and I am an authorised SKA architect with nearly 15 years of practice behind me. In the years 2004-2010 I was a part of the architectural and design office GFI, a.s. Bratislava, where I made material my first references, such as the hotel Gate One, the Aircraft Sporthouse sports building and the administrative building Aircraft Bratislava.

In 2010, I founded, along with architects Daniel Szabó and Vladimír Sekera, our own atelier, called Puzzlebox.

In 2017, now under the leadership of two partners, Sekera and Stábová, the atelier underwent a change of commercial name to Beionde.

Another change occurred in 2018 and the atelier was split. Led by my own vision to demonstrate my professional identity to you, I founded the architectural atelier Monika Stábová Architects.

I bring together professionals, specialists and dedicated architects, who share the same convictions and aims.

I want to create works at which you can say at the end of the day that they were worth doing. Do note that you would go into this with me again and again.

This is me. Welcome to my world. Welcome to Monika Stábová Architects.

“A good architect is someone who is able to creatively respond to all very varied inputs. Architecture is about deduction, selection and creation of the most appropriate solution for a specific person or company, its attributes, namely at the given place and at the given time.ˮ

My philosophy

I believe in the human desire for development equally as the desire for beauty. It’s necessary for a person to move forward and to develop. It’s natural to make things better and more beautiful. Beauty represents development, health and perfection, while its opposite represents decline and fall. I believe that architecture becomes an object or space when alongside the fulfilment of its old essence, and then its function, it becomes art. When a person permits his or her dream to come alive. It inspires him or her, helps him feel and to dream. My clients and I feel this in the same way.

What defines me?

Functionality, an idea, an aesthetics. I like to add emotion or drama, because strict minimalism is inexplicable for me. It’s only geometry. Without emotion and tension.

What do I offer?

My portfolio includes many family houses and residential buildings, flats and commercial interiors, shops, hotels, administrative buildings or parks. I consider myself to be a focused, dedicated and enthusiastic architect and designer who loves to create functional and highly aesthetic exterior and interior environments and to do so with a certain dose of drama. I choose only quality partners for you, quality materials and quality suppliers, because we can create the work only together. I do not accept the weak link in the chain.

Why me?

My approach is humane, personal and professional. I try to put myself in the client’s place to see what the client is looking for, and if he or she doesn’t know what he or she is looking for, to show him or her the way. I use the entire space creatively. That’s why this is a space, not a ground plan print. I want the user to feel inspired, to depart and return happy and fulfilled.

I create:


of all scales



Feasibility studies

Do you want to buy, or do you have property sufficiently complex so that you don’t know what to do with it? Value it! We’ll help you discover its potential through a feasibility study.

Every plot of land has its own parameters. Not only dimensional but also regulated by legislation. This determines to an extreme or minimal extent what can be or stand on the land, what size, perhaps what shape and height. Other major limitations are regulated distances or protective zones. In short, this means whether and how much, in proportion to the price and size of the land, I am able to get back from it. An feasibility study has, in contrast to the architectural study, an expression in volume and numbers. If you want to evaluate your land or you are considering buying, we recommend that you decide to deal with architectural study which will give the story and a shape to numbers.

Do you, too, like to look around and grasp a product before you buy it? That’s how it is. Visual perception is decisive everywhere, even in architecture, because you prompt your vision unforcedly and capture somebody´s heart at the very least. Look at an example of the possibilities of resolving the potential of a complex plot of land in Podunajské Biskupice.

I want it

Feasibility studies

Architecture of all scales

Architecture is a matter of proportions. Aesthetics is proportional. You can have a highly functional house, space or object, and it is simply sufficient to add feeling, proportion and detail and we can call it architecture. Why want less, when we can have more? An architect’s service is not drawing. It is about thinking, evaluating, selecting and a creative approach to creating new solutions. Architecture is space, volume and its external perception. It does not affect you only as the user and owner, but also the neighbours, the municipality and society as such. I offer you functional, valuable and visually above-standard solutions meeting all of these prerequisites.

Do you have land you’d like to turn into a profit? Be a developer, who is different. Give just a little more, and you'll get more, because everything has already happened. Today, it is applied the following rule – a happy client, a happy neighbour, a happy village, a happy developer. Come to show me your plan.

An architectural study gives the story and a shape to volume. These are the clothes you want to have. How they are made and from what is defined in the design documentation, including the Project for building permission and Project Implementation, which are part of every complete project documentation, which is a certainty for us.

I want it Projects

Architecture of all scales

Interior design

An interior is the inside of the architecture. That private part is an intimate part of your flat or home, thus of you. It reflects your habits, functioning in space and its aesthetic perception. A residential interior is probably the most specialist category. It is very sensitive; it’s your mirror. If you are looking for something inspirational, something more, we’re here for you.

A commercial interior is about you, but for everyone. Do you feel it? A loss of interest. Something happened. It’s not like it was before. Everyone who runs a business or an operation or shop has come across this. The initial enthusiasm is replaced by a drop in interest, traffic and turnover. The reason is stagnation or even degeneration and end of life of the interior. Maybe it’s no longer attractive enough. Did you know that a commercial interior is subject to a decline in morale every 5-10 years? It needs to maintain a watch on human society. To tantalize its senses with the new and newer. To develop, change, create. To show a new face, put that lost spark back in your space! Take a look at our references from the redesign of retail spaces.

I want it Projects

Interior design

Product design

A product is an everyday part of your life. We have an extraordinary relationship with it. Functionality is the priority, but in today’s fast-paced age full of innovative technologies, this is often not enough. We have a need to fulfil ourselves. A need to be pleased. We want not only functional, but also an aesthetic that inspires and delights our senses – visually, tactilely or aurally. I like to solve the unsolvable, to solve brainteasers. You know that. A coffee table is intended to be on the floor. It has no storage. It is waiting to be put away. A seat, we'd rather turn back to the wall, so that a visitor doesn’t see inconspicuous details. And it’s not only furniture that fascinates me. There are also various kinetic concepts that I will happily introduce to you.

I want it Projects

Product design

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